Frustrated With Your Boss? The Day? Your Level of Success?

The Fireman

Boss Ticking You Off?  Your Workload?  Your Level of Success? Try this Simple Little Secret   What do you do when your Boss, Family Member, Workload or Stress Level hit their Peak? Let’s face it – sometimes Bosses can be… well… Butts. Or maybe just having a family member in a bad mood can make…
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I just became a Grandpaw

Terry Wygal and Marlee

On October 30th I posted those words on my Facebook Wall – I just became a Grandpaw!   And ever since then my world has turned  upside down. And Yesterday, on Thanksgiving – I was able to spend the day with my son, his wife and my Grand Daughter and my Daughters. (Beverly is still on the…
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How to set Achievable GOALS and Crush Your LIVE List

How to Crush Your Goals

How to set Achievable GOALS and Crush Your LIVE List How I survived the Austin Texas Tough Mudder 2012 and What That Means for YOUR Business   Do YOU have a Live List?  A Live List is like a Bucket List –  But it is more of a Mind Set of how you want to live…
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How to Build a 1 K Day


How To Build a One Thousand Dollar Payday Building up to a $1,000 Payday is a lot Easier than you think. I mean think about it – that is selling just 11 $97 Products. Now, I am NOT making any income claims here but I bet you have tried a LOT of different things and…
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Facebook Recruiting – Using Facebook to Reach Your Business Goals


Facebook Just Released an Amazing Update that for a Change you are gonna LOVE! Ever found someone that you wanted to business with?  That you KNEW if you could just get a little close to or an introduction to you would Impress them so much they wouldn’t have any choice but to do business with you?…
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Turn Your Annual Income Into Your Monthly Income


Quick! Answer this question: “What would your life look like if you turned your annual income into your monthly income?” Stop and really think about that for a second. What would your life look like if you suddenly received the same money every month as you earned ALL YEAR last year? That’s a pretty powerful…
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