MLM Marketing Training

What make a Great MLM Sponsor? 

That’s me being recognized for hitting the level of National Director with ViSalus in Houston Texas!

It got me to thinking about How the heck did I hit that level so quick?  How did I qualify for a ViSalus BMW Bonus in just 60 Days?

More Importantly – How is it that I am helping my TEAM Duplicate the exact Same Success?

Well, let me ask this:

  Have you Ever had someone bring you into a Great MLM “Opportunity” of a Life Time?   And then look around a few weeks later and they were no where to be found?

I have, and trust me, it’s frustrating as H.E. Double Hockey Sticks!

You see, having a Sponsor that in Engaged in your business Maximizes your potential for Bigger and Larger Checks!  

You know when your MLM Sponsor is Engaged in Your Activity and is Committed to the Success of your Team , it Explodes your TEAMS Performance as well… And That should make you smile all the way to the the bank.

Also, When your Sponsor and THEIR Sponsor and Upline are all pulling in the same direction Don’t You KNOW that you will be Successful?

*** Side Note|  I know, I know, you got into the business to Help People Better themselves… I did too… But you and I both have a Family to support and Feed… And if mine doesn’t get their groceries on time they pull out the torches and pitchforks… Know what I mean?

So what are the Traits of a Great MLM Sponsor and Leader?

Here are a just few:

1.  Be Inspired.   And Be Inspiring
2. Build TRUST through Collaboration
3.  Be a good TEACHER and a Better STUDENT
4.  Think like an Entrepreneur; Be Resourceful.  You are the C.E.O of Y.O.U!  ( Don’t let anyone else have this position, like a BOSS )
5. Challenge yourself Daily!  Don’t ever “Settle”
6.  Seek SIMPLICITY… Make the System Simple… Make it Duplicatable and Teach your Team to Duplicate and Maximize THEIR Team.

Each MLM Company out there has their own “approach” to generating leads, developing people and helping you succeed in Network Marketing… They have their own “MLM Success System” if you will.  

But if the MLM Leaders aren’t around to help… If they only follow up every now and then… Then you might as well hold onto your wallet a little longer and find the right ones…

Now don’t mistake that for meaning YOU get off Scott Free either 😉  You have to put forth the effort as well… But THAT is a whole different conversation save for a later date.  

I have been Blessed to have been exposed and worked with to some Phenomenal Leaders over the years, none better than those in my upline now, and that is helping ME Develop and Grow MY Team, and in turn Grow Their Team, at record  speed!  

Just so you know, I have reviewed many different MLM Programs and been an active network marketing associate in a quite a few different MLM Marketing Companies over the last few decades and the one that gets MY highest Recommendation and the one I have had, by far, the highest level of success in is ViSalus.