Why I Quit FOR Visalus

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Why I Quit FOR Visalus   Southwest Regional Weight Loss Champion Terry Wygal Speaks Out on MLM Leaders That Constantly Flip-Flop to Different Companies     You might want to heed some of these Warning Signs BEFORE making a move to a new team. And if YOU are looking for a new team – Check…
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Facebook Recruiting – Using Facebook to Reach Your Business Goals


Facebook Just Released an Amazing Update that for a Change you are gonna LOVE! Ever found someone that you wanted to business with?  That you KNEW if you could just get a little close to or an introduction to you would Impress them so much they wouldn’t have any choice but to do business with you?…
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MLM Marketing Training


What make a Great MLM Sponsor?  That’s me being recognized for hitting the level of National Director with ViSalus in Houston Texas! It got me to thinking about How the heck did I hit that level so quick?  How did I qualify for a ViSalus BMW Bonus in just 60 Days? More Importantly – How…
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