No One Makes Money In Real Estate Investing – My Reply!

Yeppers – got an email from a guy,
we will call him Wing-Nut, and he
started in on the Email saying that
everyone selling real estate
training were a scam.

That None of them worked.

He mentioned a few names that
he associated me with and
ya know what – I had to
kind of giggle a little.

I remember when Jeff Vacek
went through the same fight
with someone he was partnering
with while I was mentoring

Then they hit their first check
for $6,000. Then slapped 5 more
out for a total of $19,000
and Look at him now!

I remember Benita Stanford was fighting
2 years of no deals, all the courses,
all the seminars, ALL the FRUSTRATIONS.
Then, When I started mentoring her I also
remember her first Short Sale.


I remember this letter:

“Terry…I collected a check in the
amount of $44,712.68!”

Terry motivated me to
go out and take action find my
first Sub To deal and a month later
walked me through the entire process
until I collected a check in the
amount of $44,712.68!

— Ehab Shoukry”
I remember Eric Zaahl:
“I walked away with $15,000.00
for only owning the thing for 28 days!”
Scams?  Nope – Real People
doing Real Deals – from real
hope to better themselves.

Look – Thursday Night I am opening up
a way for you to work with me
as your hand holding mentor.

And ANYONE can afford to do this.

Frankly – I am giving the farm
away so that YOU will
get your First, or Next, deal.

You ready?

7 PM Central Time

A No BS call that will tell
you what the program consist of
how I will take you Step
by Step through learning
what is really working in
real estate investing today.

And it won’t be some
High Priced Course either.


But the call will be booked solid
on this one cause it has been 2 years
since I opened ANY doors on a
Mentoring program.
See ya on the call


PS – The guy who called me a scammer –
sent him a Challenge to follow some simple
steps and then let’s talk after his Results.

Wanted to see if he had the Cojones to
accept it or not.  And as I figured
he busted out.

How about you?  You got the Cojones
to be Rich?


Terry Wygal – The QHB
The Quick House Buyer


I also remember this letter:

” “Terry – I just want to thank you for all
your help. With your help and direction
I just closed a deal. I made $61,361.00 on
a deal that I bought from another investor!”

Tommy Van Zandt

Are you next?