Newbie Real Estate Investor Training Only!

New Real Estate Investor Training Announcement!

What does it take to be a New Real Estate
Investor? One who has never done a deal
before. Or attempted one that kind of
worked out – a little – maybe.

Well – you now need to over come the
Fear of Making a Mistake. One that – if
it turns out to be fruitful can cost you
Thousands of Dollars in losses.

You need to overcome the fear of making
a mistake in the paperwork. I have seen
investors make it all the way to the closing
table – and still lose the deal cause they didn’t
use the right language in the documents.

You have to learn all the right Marketing
that generates leads.

You need to negotiate with the seller.

You need to Generate REAL Buyer Leads.

You need to manage your time against the wishes
of your boss, your family, your friends and
your own desires.

You need to cut through the learning curve, by about
a Decade and start putting some dough in the bank account!

And you need to do it quick before you go CRAZY
trying to shut up the Nay Sayers who continue
to drag you back down to their level.

More important you need to do it so you
can Fire Your Boss, IF he hasn’t already
fired you like has happened to Millions of
unemployed who face years without jobs according to

well, hang on until Thursday Night at 8 PM Central
as we help you Explode Through these self imposed
barriers and give you immediate access to a
Hands On Training System like no others out there.


Once a year I open up a true Hands On Training
that leads you Step by Step through the haze
that keeps most real estate investors from being
successful – and it all starts at 8 PM Central Time.

Hey – miss it at your own expense – but really, its time
to shatter the myths that are out there about real estate
investing and crush the fear that is holding you back.

See you on the call.


Terry Wygal

PS – some people have been waiting 11 months and 21 days
for this call – I would get on about 5 minutes early
because there is no commitment to a replay!