How to Make a Telephone Number Clickable on your website

How to Make a Telephone Number Clickable on your website

You can allow your customers to make a call by clicking the phone number on a web site

Ever get lost and look up a website on your cell phone and try to remember the number so you could call it?

Pretty frustrating isn’t it?

Now imagine if that was YOUR Business and Your Customers getting angry.   Fortunately you can fix this little mistake in about 2 minutes.

Make Your Website Phone Number Clickable So Your Customers Can Call You


Take 2 minutes to fix your website so your customers can get in touch with you, otherwise they might just go to the next business down the road.

This little tip works on html pages and blogs.

If you STILL don’t want to make your phone number clickable on your website yourself then have someone do it for you!

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Customers want immediate satisfaction these days – and if you are going to make it difficult to contact you then they will just take their business elsewhere.


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