Direct Mail for Marketers – 7 Reasons Direct Mail Rocks

7 Reasons Direct Mail Rocks

Direct mail is one of those mediums that is typically overlooked in the age of the almighty internet and that’s ok with the relatively few of us still using it with great results.

Here are 7 reasons you might want to consider joining the ranks of smart marketers using direct mail.

1. Extremely targeted
– You can target markets by demographics, psychographics, or (my personal favorite) past purchases. There are compiled lists, which consist of contacts who s
hare some similarity like living in the same zip code, belonging to the same political party, or having blue eyes.

There are responders lists, which are made up of people who
have responded or opted in in some way like requesting more info, filling out a warranty card, or calling from a radio or tv

Then there are my favorite kind of lists.These are list of buyers of some other product or service. People on these lists have already demonstrated a willingness to buy something.

2. Super stealthy– Unlike marketing online, direct mail gives you the ability to test, grow, and build a campaign or business with very little visibility by your competitors.It’s very easy with all the tools available to “spy” on your
competition online, not so with direct mail.They won’t know how much you’re mailing, how often, or have
any idea what your conversions are.


3. Easily Scalable – The size you can gro
w to is only limited by the number of available responsive lists.With direct mail you can very predictably scale your business
by continuing to test additional lists and with a knowledgable list
broker you can predict what size you can scale to sometimes after the first test.


4. Very few moving parts – With a direct mail campaign your biggest variables are list, mail piece, and response device.

Obviously there are other components (or parts within the parts). But having just 3 main things to test makes it easy to track and easy to tweak.

5. Low-tech/Beginner friendly – You don’t need to know how to write code.

You don’t have to hire someone to write code.

There’s no code involved.Once the copy and layout is done for the mail piece, turning
on your campaign is as easy as calling your list broker to order names and then calling the print/mail shop to place your order.You don’t even have to touch a stamp if you don’t want to.


6. Relatively cheap
– In my experience I’ve seen per lead costs for as low as $2, optins for $4, and per sale cost for a $1,495 dollar product as low as $150.
Imagine offering a JV partner $150 bucks for a $1,495 sale. Also leads generated via direct mail tend to have a MUCH higher LTV (lifetime value) and fewer unsubscribes and spam complaints.


7.  It’s an independent platform – What do I mean by independent platform?

Well unlike most of the online sources you may be used to there is no big company telling you what your ads can look like.

Obviously you are still regulated by the FTC and various other entities concerned with rules regarding what you can and can’t say in your advertising.

But there are no companies telling you your message doesn’t meet with their approval, no quality scores, no algorithm changes, none of the things that can adversely affect your business overnight.

Very little competition. Today inboxes are full and people are eager to hit the delete or worse the spam complaint button.

But just the opposite is true for most people’s mailboxes.
Your message stands out when yours is the only one they’re holding in their hands reading.

Bottom line—
it doesn’t matter if you use direct mail for lead generation, direct
selling, or simply to fill up webinars, direct mail can help you build and grow your business predictably and with very little hassle.


Check Out This Pretty Cool Training By Luke Jaten on using Postcards right now.  He is Giving Away a Book called

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Postcard Profits

I actually ordered it – it is a Physical Book – not some cheap E-Book and it has a Wealth of information in it!

If you are asking – Who is Luke Jaten – 

Luke Jaten has been involved in sales and marketing since he started his first business mowing lawns at the age of 11.

At the ripe old age of 17 Luke Jaten  answered his first direct response ad about how to make money in mail order and by 1987 (at 19 years old) he was running full-page ads in magazines himself.

Since then, Luke has used magazines, newspapers, tv, radio, the
internet, direct mail, mobile web, voice broadcasting, telemarketing (inbound and outbound), and teleseminars to market and sell nutritional supplements, software, sandwich franchises, business opportunities, seminars, real estate courses, books, alarm systems, web design, investments, payday loan franchises, credit repair services, diet products, 900 lines, music clubs, magazine subscriptions and lots
more— either for himself or for other people.

In the last seven years alone, Luke’s ads have sold over $55 million dollars worth of goods and services.

In 2006 Luke started teaching his brand of marketing and now many of his students have gone on to create multi-million dollar direct response businesses themselves.

Here is what Kevin Nations said about Luke Jaten “Anyone who is even CONSIDERING Direct Marketing (including Direct Mail) should talk to Luke unless you’re absolutely killing it. I’ve paid this dude THOUSANDS of dollars and his insight has made me a fortune.”

Luke Jaten Offline Arbitrage












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